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Brass Tacks upholstery classes

We provide Upholstery classes on specified dates. The classes are held in Crocketford village Hall (Anderson Memorial Hall) close to our workshop.

The hall is spacious and has good access and parking, toilets and kitchen. The hall is wheelchair friendly and we would be pleased to discuss bookings from anyone who has a disability. Please note that tacks and staples are used and may puncture wheelchair tyres. We are proud to help support the village hall which is a major aspect of our community.

All classes are run by Steven who established ‘Brass Tacks Upholstery Services’ in 1985. Over this time, he has taught Upholstery in Colleges/Night Schools and privately. The aim of our classes is to provide individual tuition on your own project. The small classes enable each person to achieve the maximum FROM THEIR TIME, UNLIKE OTHER CLASSES WITH TEN OR MORE STUDENTS. We want the classes to be enjoyable and to reward you.

Prior to final booking Steven would need to see the item of furniture you would like to work on at the class. You could arrange for Steven to see the furniture at our shop or a photo or an email of it. This ensures that we have the correct equipment and materials required for your dates. The furniture can be measured so you can buy your fabric ready for the class, alternatively, we do sell remnants or fabrics to order from pattern books which are in our shop at Crocketford. Stools and headboards can be made to your own design with prior arrangement.

Sorry but no classes are scheduled at this time.

We do sell upholstery materials and tools,for those who wish to carry on with their D.I.Y Upholstery.

Please e-mail or phone if you are interested. Tele: 01556 690 236 or e-mail


Course prices

Day Classes

Full day 10am - 6pm

Cost £85 per person per day

Class size has a maximum of 4 students.

Lunch is not provided , so please bring your own packed lunch. The hall has a well-equipped kitchen for your use. The local shop opposite the hall sells pies, sandwiches and snacks, as does the Hotel. Tea, Coffee and refreshments are freely provided throughout the day. We can provide details of B&B ACCOMMODATION for those who need it

What is provided in the price?

Small classes, there will be no standing and waiting.

Expert tuition by a qualified Upholsterer.

There is no Vat to pay.

Plenty of Tea & Coffee etc.

Full use of the following;

Spacious work Area

All Tools.


Safety glasses & Dust masks

Sewing Machines, I will undertake a small amount of sewing for non-sewers but encouragement will be given – it is an upholstery class after all! Bring your own machine if you wish.

What is not provided in the price?



Sundries, Upholstery sundries may be bought at the classes.





Accommodation is available within the village hotel, bed and breakfast and two caravan sites. As a tourist area, there is a huge array of accommodation in the area.

What we do

  • Traditional and modern upholstery, bespoke upholstery, buttoning, springing, webbing, frame repairs.
  • Cushions, car seats, boat seats and caravan cushions.

What we don't do

Sorry, we do not do loose covers and curtains.

What is available to buy?

  • All tools
  • Materials
  • Sundry items
  • Foam
  • Leather

Also available from our shop, website or by mail order.

Jane has done a great job of her chair.



You can book any dates, as few or as many as you wish. Prior to booking, if Steven sees your project or a photo, he should be able to indicate a timescale for you.

  • 1.All classes need to be booked via our booking form online, or alternatively, we can send one to you in the post.
  • 2.Once the booking form is received we will confirm your booking and your card details will be taken as a guarantee.
  • 4.payment in full is required EITHER IN ADVANCE OR on the day of the class AND THIS CAN BE CASH, CHEQUE, CARD OR BACS. ChequeS to ‘Brass Tacks’

Book here

or alternatively click here and print me out if you wish to send through the post.

Terms and Conditions


The class is a workshop environment and has many dangers and these will be made apparent to you throughout the duration of the classes, The student must accept all responsibility for personal injury and or damage to their property, including furniture & clothing. All health and safety advice given must be adhered to.

You will be guided at all times in the correct use of materials and methods used on upholstered furniture, but my own personal ethics would prevent me from using foam in an antique.

I run a commercial workshop myself, so it is equipped with every labour-saving device and tool imaginable and these will be made available. We use both tacks and staples, so the choice of fastening is yours. Staples from a pneumatic gun can be ten times faster than a hammer and tacks and do one tenth of the damage.

There is no storage space for your furniture, unless you book consecutive classes. The furniture is left at the owner’s risk. Please wear comfortable shoes and always check your shoes for staples/tacks on entering and leaving the hall.

All classes must be booked. Cancellations are non-refundable, unless we can reallocate your place. The booking is for the individual who has booked and they cannot be accompanied by any other person (unless someone booking with a disability needs a person to accompany them).

No one under 16 years of age can attend.

All your details are kept strictly private and not shared with any other.

I reserve the right to not disclose certain commercial information.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I cover my chairs in leather?

Yes, leather is a lovely material to use. We sell full hides but also have many off-cuts, we also have vinyl.

  • Would it save time in the class if I strip the chair at home?
  • No – not always. Before the chair is stripped, I at least need to see it. It is not always necessary to completely strip a chair. You could end up taking five times longer to put it back together again.
  • The padding looks dirty – should I throw it away?

No – some traditional fillings are extremely valuable and can be washed very successfully. Check first!

  • I live a long way away and I will need to stay in a B&B. Can I attend thE night class and both day classes over the two days?

You may attend all classes per session if you wish, but the premises must be vacated after the day class and before the evening class starts.

  • can I store my furniture?

I am sorry – there is no storage facility. However, for those attending consecutive classes, furniture may be left on the bench at your own risk.

  • I have a B&B – will I get an invoice for my accounts?

Yes – The wording on the invoice will allow it to be used for your accounts.

  • Do you ever do classes with less students – for one or two people for example?
  • We can reduce the number of students to suit a particular need, which increases the cost pro-rata
  • I am unable to do any of your dates, are there any others?

We will add more dates to suit demand. As we only need four people in a group – Why not ask three of your friends to make up a class?

  • Do you only do classes in Crocketford?

At the present time – Yes.

  • Do I have to do any written work?

No – this is 100% practical – real upholstery!

  • I cannot print the booking form.

We can send a booking form in the post or we can ‘fill it in’ over the phone. Or we have an on-line form which you can submit to us by email on our website.


Results of some of our former course participants

Jane's were a pair of 1970s occasional bedroom chairs. She used foam to upholster them and she can be seen here using a sewing machine as well as hand stitching. Modern pieces with traditional and modern techniques applied.


Karen's was an occasional open-armed chair and she chose to use more traditional materials and methods. Although she can be seen using a staple gun, we do also use hammer and tacks - this is very much a personal preference. Advice will always be given before the start of any project and during the project..


Kim is seen working on a beautiful Victorian buttonback chair. Using traditional methods, she stripped the chair and put a new seat in. She put new buttons in the back and then started to recover the chair in the lovely material she had chosen. Watch this space to see the finished piece. Well done, Kim!