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Stone Creatures and characters from Brass Tacks


Horned Gargoyle

300mm H

Price: £17

Sentinel Griffins

78h x 26w x 27d cm

Price: £140 each or £120 each for pair


270mm H 

Price: £16


Winged Gargoyle

285mm H

Price: £17


Mother and Baby Teddy

220mm H 

Price: £16

Rough Gargoyle

26 H x 15 W x 15 D cm 

Price: £19


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Gargoyle with pot £17 30cm high                           Large Gremlin £58 41cm high                               Rams horn with chain 47cm high £58

Gargoyle A

Small Gargoyle A

Small gargoyle 22cm high 4kgs £18

Gargoyle B

Small Gargoyle B

Small gargoyle 20cm high 4kgs £18

Gargoyle C

Small gargoyle C

Small gargoyle 22cm high 5kgs £18.

Friendly Garden Imps

Sitting Imp

13kg  440mm high x 230mm long  £29

Kicking legs Imp

12kg 260mm high x 340mm long  £29

Imp Relaxing

11kg 280mm high x 450mm long  £29.