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Indoor ornaments and Gifts.

Bronze Ornaments

Elephant Head With Baby.

Made of real bronze and mounted on a marble base. Beautiful ornament of a high quality.and fine detail. Approx 11" high overall. £280

Side View.

Showing elephant mother's head with the baby at the base..

Cheetah Head.

Cheetah head made of real bronze and mounted on marble. Approx 8.5" high, £130.


Genuine Bronze Eagle, mounted on a marble base. Approx size overall 14" high. £160


Please note that these ornaments are heavy and are real bronze, not coldcast bronze. They are replica pieces and are not original or old.

Bronze Owl.

Real bronze owl mounted on a marble base. Approx 12" high and is £215.

Real bronze heads that are mounted on marble.The Horse head sits at approx 12" high and is £260.
 The lion head sits at approx 13" high and is also £260.

Stock and availabilty can vary, prices may be subject to change.

Wooden Owl

Made of handcarved wood, sitting at 9" high and 7.5" wide approx. Beautiful detail and the wood tones alter with each individually made owl. £39

Grey Cat on Chair.

Handmade pottery cat on chair. Approx 9.25" high. £35

Dog on Chair.

Handmade pottery dog on chair, approx 9.25" high. £35.

Pottery Wall Pockets.

Owl's Face Wall Pocket.

Hand made pottery to hang on your wall. The Owl is a large pot, approx size 6.5" high and 6"wide. £38

Wall Pockets.
Large and small ones available in different animals. You can store pens, brushes, scissors etc in the top.

Wild Boar Wall Pocket.

Wall hanging and handmade wall pocket. Quirky storage. Wild Boar is alarge pot approx 6.25" high and 6" wide. £36

Westie Dog.

Small Westie wall pocket. Handmade and approx 5" high and 4.5" wide. Store in the top of the head. £24


Handmade pottery pocket. Rabbit design approx 6.5" high and 4.5" wide. £24.

Dachshund Dog

Wall pocket, storage at the top of the head. Handmade approx 4" high and 5" wide. £24.

Guinea pig

Handmade wall pocket. Approx 4.5" high and 3.5" wide. £24

Wall Hanging Pockets.

Ideal for all ages. Attractive and neat for a small wall area. lots of uses around the home, office, nursery, kitchen or even the potting shed.For practical use like your scissors or decoration like small flowers. Endless uses.

Practical Gifts.

Black Cat Doorstop.

Black cat doorstop made of cast iron. Approx 9.5" wide x 8" high. £15.25.

Dachshund Boot scraper.

Handforged iron 16.5" long & 9.5" high. £44

Dog Change Dish.

Cast iron dog dish for your trinkets or change. 5.5" lond & 3.5" deep. £12

Boxed Hip Flasks.

Highland Cow.

Leather wrapped hip flask with Highland Cow design. £20.50


Leather wrapped hip flask with a Horse design. £20.50


Leather wrapped hip flask with Pheasant design.£20.50.

Stag Hip Flask.

Stag design on a leather wrapped flask. Each flask comes boxed and they are £20.50 each.



Made of cast iron on the base and stainless metal dishes. The dishes remove to wash. Approx 15" long overall and is £25.


Cast iron dish base comes in black but you could paint it to your colour choice.


Like the cat dishes it is made of cast iron base with dishes that remove. Approx 17" long. £25

Metal Candle Stand.

Cream slightly vintage look candle stand. Approx 22.5" high with square base 4" x 4" £23

Arch Mirrored Candle Stand

Wood arched candle stand with mirror inset on back. Approx 53cm H x 23cm W x 16cm  £45

Wall Candle Holder.

Wood mount with metal candle stand. approx 45cm H x 10cm W x 23cm D  £34.

Pipe Shelf

Metal shelf with decorative looking pipes and hooks below. Approx 80cm W 30cm H 24cm D £45.

Wire Wall Rack.

Wire wall hanging rack with three storage pockets.Storage for the home, garden, office or garage 21.5" high x 5" wide  £21.50

Triple Candle Stand.

Hand forged iron candle stand. 13" high & 8" wide. £33

Cog Wheel Bookends

Metal cogwheel design bookends. Approx 9" high x 6.5" wide  £41 Pair

Pillar Bookends.

Mango wood bookend looking like pillars. 7" high bases are 6" x 3". £24 pair.


Pair of owl bookends made in resin. Each bookend measures 7" high and 5" wide. The pair are £38.


Made of cast iron. This snail boot jack will help you pull your wellie or shoes off.It is approx 10" long £9.Would look good in your garden as a garden ornament.

Door Knockers.

Dragon Fly Door Knocker

Made of cast iron this door knocker is approx 5" high. Dragonfly design. Comes in black but the cast iron can be painted if you wanted to do this. £6

Spade Door Knocker

Spade design door knocker that is made of black cast iron. Approx 6" high and is £13.50.


Banana style leaf dish. Practical as a dish display or can be wall hanging for decoration. Approx 19" long made in cast iron. £40


Made in cast iron this palm leaf dish, can also be a wall art. Approx 14" long £37.


Made of cast iron. Dish with birds on.
Inside or outside. Approx 8.5" long x 2.5"
deep, front to back. £14

Can be wall hanging for an unusual wall feature.


Made of cast iron. Ornament or can be wall hanging. Large Gecko is 11" long and small Gecko is 6.5" long.
Large Gecko is £12 and small Gecko is £6.