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Wall hangings, plaques and hooks

Wall Signs to define your space.


Cast iron wall sign. Pre-drilled holes, 6" x 2" approx. £7


Cast iron wall sign. with pre-drilled holes. 5" long.  £5.25.


Cast iron wall sign. Pre-drilled holes. 6.25" x 1.5"  £6

My Garage My Rules sign

Cast iron sign with holes for hanging. Approx 7.25" x 2"   £5

Tradesmans Entrance Sign

Cast Iron sign with holes for hanging. Approx 7.5" x 2"  £5

Great Western Railway Sign

Cast iron sign with holes for hanging Approx 3" x 2"  £3.40.

1%er Wall Sign

Made of cast iron. 10" high and 6" wide £18.

Wi Fi Wall Sign

Made of cast iron for the wall/door. 6" long and 2" high. £5.

Man Cave Plaque

Cast iron wall plaque. 8.5" long x 2.25"  £5.

Please Close The Gate Plaque

Cast iron 6.75" x 3.5" £5.

Private Wall Plaque

Cast iron plaque 7.5" long £9.

Gaelic Wall Sign

Cast iron sign meaning "Good Health" in Gaelic. Approx 7" long & 2" deep. £6.

She Shed

cast iron sign approx 6"  & 2" deep. £7

Giga watt sign

Made in cast iron approx 10" high and 7" wide. £21

Harry Potter Wall Signs
Hufflepuff also available- no image yet.

Gryffindor wall sign

Harry Potter wall sign 7" x1.5", made in cast iron. £6.75

Slytherin Wall Sign.

Harry Potter  sign,approx 6.75 " x 2 ".  £6.75 Cast iron.

Ravenclaw Wall Sign.

Harry Potter cast iron sign 7" x 1.5"  £6.75

Quirky Wall Art

Fingers Crossed Wall Hand Decoration.

Wall decoration of a hand with fingers crossed. Resin red hand. Approx 9" high and 5" wide. £12.

Palm Hand Wall Decoration.

Wall decoration of a pink palm of hand. Just for fun on your wall. Approx 9" high & 6" wide. £12

Happy Sign.

Cast iron wall sign. Holes drilled for hanging to wall or suitable surface. Approx 5.75" long & 3.25 high. £5.25.

Marmite Wall Sign.

Made in cast iron , pre drilled to attach to your surface or wall. Approx 7.25 long & 6.25 high. £14.50


Tin metal coffee wall sign. Approx 12" x 12" £5


Tin metal wall sign £8. Approx 15.5" long x 12" high.

Wall Hanging Decorative Hooks.

Garden Rules Wall Hooks

Metal decoration panels with three hooks, wall hanging. Ceramic knobs on each hook.  14" long £9.75.

Flower Hooks

Metal decoaration panels with ceramic knobs on each of the three hooks.14" long £10.50.

Chateaux Hooks

Wood wall hanging with three metal hooks.17.5" long £8

Oval Flower Hooks

Metal three hooks wall hanging. Garden decorated metal panels.13" long £8

Lavender & Rose Hooks

Four hooks with flower decorated panels. 15" long  £8.

Iron Bird Hooks

Cast iron Five Bird Hooks. 11.5" long  £9.20

Double Ceramic Hooks

Iron hooks with ceramic knobs.                 5" high x 4.5" wide £7.25.

Bird Wall Hooks

Bird decoration metal panels with four hooks. 15" long  £12.50.

Label Hook

Iron hook with slot for a name label inserted. £3.80

Horse Shoe Hooks.

Iron horse shoe with two hooks on. 4.5" high x 3.25 Wide. £4.90

Stallion Horse Shoe Hooks

Iron hooks with Stallion on. 4.5" high. £4.25

Owl Hook

Iron wall hook with owl on. 6.5" long £8.70

Elephant Hook

Iron wall hook. 4.5" high x 5" wide. £9.60

Gazelle Hook

Hand forged iron wall hook. 5.75"  high  £7.50


Bird hook with ceramic single hook. Glass  bird. Approx 6" high x 4.5" wide. £9.50




Glass Bird hook with parrots on. Approx 6" high and 4.5" wide. Ceramaic knob on single hook. £9.50

Swivel Wall Hook

Triple hooks which swivel side to side. Wall hanging iron measuring 5.5" long.

Swirl wall hook.

Hand forged single iron wall hook. 3" high  £3.95

Tap Towel Ring.

Imitation tap with a ring for your towel.Approx 6" out from wall with 6.5" diameter ring. £14

Wall Heart Hook
Hand forged metal.
Approx 5" high and 2 3/4 wide. £4.80

Bike Hooks Three hooks on a metal bike shape, to wall hang. Approx 7" long & 4" high £12

Bike Hooks

Three hooks on a bike shape for wall hanging,Made of metal. Approx 7" long & 4" high £12

Giraffe Hook.

Cast iron hook. 7.5" high x 3" wide £9.75.

            Dragonfly Wall Hook

          Metal wall hook approx 3" high &
4.25" wide £6

               Owl Wall Hook

     Wooden owl with hook. 8" high. £4.30.

Car Hooks

Vintage look tiles with car decoration mounted with three hooks. 16" long £9.50.

Shoe Last Hooks

Vintage wooden shoe lasts making a quirky rack with metal hooks for hanging coats, hats ,dog leads or any item of your choice.Practical and decorative for the home or maybe your office. It measures approx 76.5cm long, 27cm wide & 12cm deep. £55.

Quirky Vintage Breadboard Hooks.

Breadboard Hooks.

Vintage breadboard with hand forged twisted design hooks on. Approx 11" diameter. £21

Flower Hooks Board.

Vintage breadboard with faint old images of flowers on wood. Hand forged hooks approx 11.5" diameter £21

Pie Crust Breadboard Hooks.

Vintage breadboard with hand forged hooks on. 12" diameter £25.

Shortbread Board with Hooks.

Vintage shortbread board with hand forged hooks. 8" diameter £20