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Cast iron and metal gifts.


Aluminium replica oil cans £38 each
Shell oval 35x27.5x21cm                                     Shell Triangular 36x31x11.5cm                                        Land Rover 32x11.5x33cm                                                                                                                                                                    

Pratts oil cast iron plaque £18   24cm                     Titanic cast iron wall plaque £19.50  24cm               Man Cave cast iron £19.50 24x24cm

Jaguar replica oil can £38 Aluminium.                      Shell wall plaque cast iron. 40x17 cm £29                     Cast iron 22x19cm £15 wall plaque..


Cast iron wall plaque. 23cm diameter. £19.50.


Made in cast iron for the wall. Approx 30cm x 24cm. £24


Cast iron wall plaque. 29cm x 17cm £36.

Grill Cover

Cast iron ventillation grill cover. Jail style for fuction and quirky decoration.
£8.50. Approx size 6.5" x 6.5"

Michelin Wall Plaque

Cast iron wall plaque. Pre-drilled holes for fixing. Approx size 30cm x 12cm  £26.

Dad's BBQ Wall Art

Tin metal wall sign. Approx size 16" x 12" £8.50.

Small cast iron wall plaques.

Reproduction car plaques.

12x12 cm cast iron wall plaques £8 each..


Valve Wall Hooks.

Heavy metal hooks that look like valves. 23" long £16. Strong enough to hang tools,coats, dog leads or any of your Man Cave artifacts.

Volkswagen Wall Plaque

Cast iron wall sign. £8 12cmx 12cm.

Man Cave sign

Cast iron sign £5 8" x 2.25"

My Garage My Rules.

Cast iron sign 7.25" x 2"  £5

Tradesmans Entrance sign

Cast iron wall sign 7.5" x 2"  £5

Castrol Oil Jugs.

Size 1  12" high £22.  Size 2 11" high £19   Size 3 9" high £16   Size 4 7  .5" high  £11    Size 5    6" high  £8

Shell & Mobil Oil Jugs.

Various designs and sizes. Made of tin metal/ Reproduction style.