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Upholstery webbing


Jute (Green Stripe)

12lb - best of its class. 

Best quality general purpose webbing. Suitable for under light springs and superior for traditional springing.

2" wide

£8.80 / 33m roll or £0.50 / metre 


10lb Jute Webbing

General purpose use, our cheapest webbing, suitable for arms and backs.

£4.50 / 33m roll or £0.25 per metre


12lb Jute Webbing

A good quality, general purpose webbing.

Not recommended for sprung seats, but fine for backs.

£5.30 / 33m roll or £0.30 / metre  


Black/White Webbing

(Red Stripe) / (Herringbone)

The very best quality for traditional springing. 

Herringbone weave, 2" wide

£22.70 / 33m roll or £1.00 / metre


Elastic Webbing

For modern upholstery in place of springs.

Back Quality 2" wide £0.70 / metre

Seat Quality 2" wide (Samson) £3.50 / metre


Pirelli Webbing

Rubber webbing of good quality for modern seat webbing. Can be stapled, tacked or fitted with Pirelli clips.

2" wide

£7.00 per metre


Pirelli (Webbing) Clips

Fixing clips for Pirelli rubber webbing

2" wide

£0.20 each


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