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Upholstery needles


Circular Needles


2" light gauge for slip stitching

3" medium gauge for heavy fabric sewn to hessian

6" for stitching in springs and webbing

2" £0.42 each

3" £0.45 each

6" £0.90 each


Mattress Needle (round point)


Round point at both ends with an eye at one end. For button work and hand stitching horsehair pads.

8" x 14g £1.50 each

10" x 13g £2.04 each

12" x 13g £2.18 each 


Mattress Needle (bayonet point)


With a bayonet point (triangle) at one end and an eye at the other. This needle is easier to pull through a denser pad (e.g., flock).

12" £3.75 each

16" £4.50 each


Medium Gauge Regulator (Reg/L)

Regulators in a lighter gauge are available in 6", 8", 10" and 12".

£0.40 per inch (10" = £4)


Heavy Regulator Needle

(REG 12H)

12"x5g needle. The most sturdy of manipulating needles you can buy. Broad at the eye end, tapering to a fine point. High quality.

£6.40 each


Packing Needle


A needle of a heavy gauge for stitching springs, etc. Curved at the bayonet end with an eye at the other.

£1.30 each


Skewers (Pins)

Upholstery pins to hold fabric in place during hand stitching. If you only want to buy one size, buy the 4". All skewers are nickel plated and are 16g.

3" (PIN 3) £0.12 each 

3.5" (PIN 35) £0.12 each 

4" (PIN 4) £0.20 each


Needle Pack (Mixed)

Pack includes one each of the following: 

2 1/2" circular

3" circular 

6" circular

6" packing needle

10" regulator 

10" round point mattress needle 

12" round point mattress needle

£11.57 per pack (value of individual items is £12.86)


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